The Story

Tanned cow hides are available for most of the year. Winter hides are usually preferred as they are thicker, whereas summer hides are smoother. It’s an individual choice.

Our professionally tanned hides are soft and supple and are available in a range of colours from pure white, through browns and blacks, as well as roans (mixed).

Sizes are small, medium, large and x-large. Prices are competitive ranging from $150 to $650. The quality of the hides are second to none.

You can choose from our range of hides available immediately, and changing regularly, or arrangements can be made (from paddock to floor) for your own cow’s hide to be tanned which takes approximately six (6) weeks until delivery back to you.

All our hides are branded and coded for tracking and authenticity.

Because every cow is different tanned hides make a unique floor covering, or even wall hanging, and are quite the conversation piece.

All enquiries welcome. Call ahead before you drop by our showroom in Far Meadow, near Berry NSW. 

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